Where do we go from here?

Photographs from across North America, 2011-2017

Leave the layers to wither and die

Tobermory Ferry
Georgian Bay, ON 2015

I met a man on the last boat that night, who spoke of beauty like she was an old friend, whom he never took for granted, and knew what she was worth.

He told me of two stars that, when they align up and down on a summer night, would tell you that it's three in the morning.

He told me of the first thing he ever killed, stared the goat in the eyes as he slit the throat, felt the warmth of life spill out over his shaking hands.

On the adirondack chairs we looked up to where magenta turned to black and gave way to sparkling lights so far away, while we talked of how to make the world worth living in.

Then I walked home alone in the last of the warm nights
Montreal, QC 2016

You had a small glass bottle of lemon soda. The straw bobbed up and down like a candy cane buoy on a yellow sea, the biscotto on the table land beyond the water. You snuck bites from the archipelago of crumbs spread between you and me. Small joys, you said, are worth living for. I smiled and agreed. But what I really wanted to do was jump on the tiny table, bite your nose, kiss you on the lips, and grab your hand to run past the old italians screaming: